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largely scoped TP problem with build drop downs on Bug work item

Jun 22, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Am curious to see how any others who have single TP for their organization [or few, largely-scoped TPs] have addressed this issue...

Namely, that the fields Found In and Integrated In of the Bug work item type are populated via global list, which is in turn populated by subscription to build completion event.

These dropdowns would grow very large for largely-scoped TPs or even a small-scoped TP that has many builds being run. Would like to be able to tie these dropdowns to a different global list per AreaPath.

I created a Connect issue proposing some solutions...

1) add ability to filter these fields by build defn on the work item form (as is done in MTM when assigning a build to a test plan)

2) make available the configuration of the build event subscription via Admin console

3) provide activity in build workflow that could control writing to the global list